My name is Jade, and I’m an illustrator and storyteller! 🙂 

I was born in Zhanjiang, China but I grew up in the Netherlands where I still live with my husband and two fluffy cats! 

What I really love to do is work with colors and light, to create a story that speaks on itself, no words needed! 

In my free time I love to cook and bake, travel the world to get inspired by the beauty it has to offer and drink tea! 

If you’re wondering, what is yu-niq? It’s a bit of a silly wordplay with my chinese name 国玉灿 Guó yù càn. In which the Yu part, means Jade. And cheesy or not, I do want to be unique with the things I make 😉 

For job inquiries, please contact my agency contact@astound.us or directly to me at info@yu-niq.com.



Book publication – Story of Water (Caroline Saunders) | B&H Publishing

Book publication – Radio Popov (Anja Portin) | Ploegsma

Book publication – Verboden kleuren (Margriet Du Maine) | De Vier Windstreken

Book publication – Mijn zelfleesboek groep 5 ( Het koekoeksmonster – Linda Vogelesang ) | Ploegsma 


Book publication – Pingwing (Rick Meijer) | Ploegsma

Book publication – Mijn zelfleesboek groep 4 (De spreekbeurt – Lizette de Koning ) | Ploegsma

Nominee Pixi Award | De Vier Windstreken


Book publication – Het zonnige zomerboek (De zomerbruiloft – Kelly van Kempen) | Moon

Winner The Vaan Award | Avans University of Applied Sciences